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وڈیوز بنانے کے 100 آئیڈیاز

جب ہم یوٹیوب ویڈیوز بنانا شروع کرتے تو فیصلہ کرنا مشکل ہوجاتا کس موضوع پر وڈیوز بنائی جائیں، تو آپ کی آسانی کے لئے 100 وڈیوز بنانے کے آئیڈیاز کی ایک لسٹ ہے ، اس سے آپ اپنی پسند کا ٹاپک چننے میں آسانی ہو جائے گی لیکن خیال رہے وہ ٹاپک آپ چنیں جس میں اپ زیادہ سے زیادہ معلومات رکھتے ہوں ورنہ چند وڈیوز بنانے کے بعد اپ کے لئے مشکل پیدا ہو جائے گی کہ آپ کیا بنایا جائے
Funny Topics:
Funny Pranks
Funny Children
Funny Mistakes
Funny Accidents
Funny Cartoon Characters
Funny People
Funny Talk shows
Funny Jokes
Technology Topics:
Gadget Reviews
What’s next in technology
Big tech launches
Tech for fun
Tech for life
Gaming Topics:
Latest tips and hacks about games.
Reviews on games
How to play games?
How games actually work?
Games cheat
Download games Free.
Games Fun to play
Tutorials or How To:
Solution to any problem.
Tutorials on any skill
Tutorials on any language
Tips and tricks
How to do
How it works
List of Top 5, 10, 20, 100 etc:
List of top 5 (anything)
List of top 10 (anything)
List of top 20 (anything)
Any list based on facts an figure
Daily Vlogs (Routine Life Explain):
Explain how you work
How you live life
How you solve problems
Anything which you can share publically
Celebrity Explaining:
Short biographies
Good or bad things about celebrities
Their life style
Their work
Their humanity
Their dual faces
Anything which makes people love or angry.
Short Clips Creation:
Funny short clips
Casual meetups
Scandal (not recommended by me J )
Info about anything in short video
Free Stuff to Download:
Software, games, apps
You may also drive traffic to your blog by providing giveaways
Premium stuff giveaway
Images Compilation:
Wall papers compilation in best categories
Pictures of nature compilation
Any celebrity pics which may goes viral
Beautiful place images compilation
Beautiful scene of nature picture compilation
News, Trendy Topics:
Latest news
Trendy topics that goes viral
Media dual role play topics videos
Media efforts for a good cause
Bad media news
Cover songs:
Sing cover songs for your favorite singer
Convert old songs to your own voice
Make your own song
Pro Tips to Grow:
This is for experts, who are guru in their fields and want to share their knowledge to public. They can help people in this way.
Pro tips for business
Pro tips for better life
Pro tips for better environment
Tips to make good relationships
Any tip you can give to your audience.
Services Videos:
You can sell your services by creating good videos
Ads videos creation
Promotional video message
Helping others videos
Any product base services
Motivational Stories:
Inspire others by creating short motivational videos
Success stories of professionals
How to be a successful in any field
How to perform better in any condition
Motivational Speaker:
People love to listen motivational speakers to boost their moral level and energy.
Tell people about the secrets of life
Tell people to live better life
Tell others how to make good relations
Anything which can motivates a person
Politics, Nation, Country:
Political videos for any country (mostly your own)
National strengths and weaknesses
Country economics, resources anything like that
How powerful a country is
Injustice, Cruelty and Poverty:
Highlight injustice, cruelty and poverty
Suggestions to get rid of these evils
Tips to stay away from these bad habits
How to create healthy environment
Health, Fitness and Diet:
Medical tips for sound health
Body building stuff, helping material
Weight loss tips
How to have a healthy meal
Insurance, Business, Marketing:
Best insurance plan for children
Best insurance policy company
Pro-business tips to grow well
Education, study tips
Education help for better career suggestion
Beauty Tips:
Beauty tips for women and men
Travel guide:
Guide for those people who want to visit beautiful places, means tourists guide.
Fashion News, Trend, Upcoming:
All about fashion world
Movies News, Short Clips, movie starts:
All about film industry
101: Smart work Tips, be original:
Yes you should work smart enough to beat your competitor and get good position. Your hard work will decide your position. But one thing let me clear to you, as your hard work will give you reward in term of $$. Cool naa yeah I know it.
Final words to say:
I hope by this post you’ll get some ideas. This is not a complete list, as your mind may have better ideas than this simple list. It’s the matter of thoughts, how you look deeply into things around you. Is it ok for you? Let me know if any query below in comment section.

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